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I have a new feature article in BBC Focus’s April issue.
“Meet Piers Corbyn, the man who says he can out-forecast the Met Office’s supercomputers.  He’s won a tidy sum by placing bets on the weather but his radical ideas on forecasting have received a rather frosty reception from meteorologists.  Stuart Clark sheds some light on his unusual system.”


Read the full story in the April 2008 issue of BBC Focus.  Visit them online here.

I haven’t been posting much on here just recently because I’ve been working on some larger projects instead of the smaller web-based stories.  These include new book projects and television shows.  I can’t say anything about them at the moment but stay tuned – it looks as though I can make the first big announcement soon!

As those of you who follow this website know, I often play guitar with local theatre groups.  At the beginning of September I will be playing lead guitar in the Hertfordshire Players’ presentation of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall.


You can find the dates of the performances here

I have a new story published over at ESA:

“ESA’s Venus Express has measured a highly variable quantity of the volcanic gas sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus. Scientists must now decide whether this is evidence for active volcanoes on Venus, or linked to a hitherto unknown mechanism affecting the upper atmosphere. …”


Read the story here for free.

I have a new story published by ESA.

“XMM-Newton has been surprised by a rare type of galaxy, from which it has detected a higher number of X-rays than thought possible. The observation gives new insight into the powerful processes shaping galaxies during their formation and evolution. …”


You can read the full story for free here

I had the pleasure of spending this afternoon at the BBC Radio Cambridge studios with The Naked Scientists (why do you think they have to do it on radio?).  We talked about solar flares and The Sun Kings, along with Chris Davis from The Rutherford Appleton Laboratories.


You can read a transcript of the interview or listen to it online here

I have a pair of related stories published over at ESA.  The first is:

Mars radar opens up a planet’s third dimension
ESA’s Mars Express radar sounder, MARSIS, has looked beneath the Martian surface and opened up the third dimension for planetary exploration. The technique’s success is prompting scientists to think of all the other places in the Solar System where they would like to use radar sounders. …”

To read the full story click here

I have another new story published by ESA: 
“Data from the ESA/NASA spacecraft SOHO shows clearly that powerful starquakes ripple around the Sun in the wake of mighty solar flares that explode above its surface. The observations give solar physicists new insight into a long-running solar mystery and may even provide a way of studying other stars. …”


Read the full story for free here

Astronomy Now magazine has positively reviewed my new book, Deep Space, published by Quercus Books.  Assistant Editor Kulvinder Singh Chadha says, “Deep Space is more than just a picture book. Contrary to what tended to be the case in the past, the text isn’t just tacked on as an afterthought.  It is integral to understanding what is going on in the images. Clark respects the reader, and explains the important aspects of cosmology and space science in detailed yet succinct terms. …”

You can read the full review in the May 2008 issue of Astronomy Now.

It is with enormous pleasure that I can report that The Sun Kings has been longlisted by the Royal Society for their science book prizes 2008. The longlist contains 12 books and I am humbled to be in company of so many excellent authors.

About The Sun Kings, the judges said: "A wonderful historical biography. This 19th century melodrama gets you straight into the science of sun spots.  It has everything great characters, knives, guns and illicit relationships!"



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