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New observations from an experiment on the space station confirm a strange antimatter signal but take us no closer to an explanation

I have a new post on my Across the Universe for The Guardian.

I have been interviewed by astronomersden over at his blog. He describes himself as “Daddy, Hubby, Teacher and, whenever I get the chance, Astronomer.” There is some great stuff on his website.

Last autumn I worked with a producer and director from the BBC on a television programme about Isaac Newton. They contacted me because of my work for The Sensorium of God, my factual novel about Isaac Newton. It was a lot of fun to dig out all my research notes and talk about the great scientist for the programme.

Isaac Newton: The Last Magician will be shown on BBC2 Friday April 12th at 9pm.


Click the read more link below the tags to see the information from the BBC’s website.


For a strictly limited time, the very latest Sky’s Dark Labyrinth book is on promotion from Amazon Kindle. Instead of £12.99, you can pick up the ebook version of The Day Without Yesterday for just £1.09. Hurry, the offer will not last long. Buy now!

Those who prefer physical books, can buy that here.

Here is a rough translation of an interview I conducted with Teresa Guerrero from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Just a few minutes of conversation are enough to understand why the British Stuart Clark (born in Welwyn Garden City, 1967) is one of the best known popularisers of science in his country. The astrophysicist, author and journalist is a regular contributor to magazines such as 'New Scientist' and newspapers like ‘The Guardian’: "I would like to see in print as many science pages as sport. The world we live in is the way it is because of science, so I think it is very important that we talk to the public about these issues, that we can get them interested and become familiar with it all," he says to in the auditorium where, a couple of hours later, he will give a lecture 'Can we ever understand the universe?' Clark has visited Madrid, on the invitation of Banco Santander Foundation to participate in the cycle 'The limits of science' .

To continue reading the interview, click the Read More underneath the Tags.

You can read the original Spanish article here.


Many thanks to Kathy Stevenson who has reviewed The Day Without Yesterday. She writes, “Clark’s strengths are in his firm grasp of historical context and his easy-to-read prose, along with an obvious passion for his subject and desire to project this to a wider audience.”

You can read the full review here:

The map of the oldest light in the universe shows intriguing deviations from expectations. Will these oddities be explained away or are we at the beginning of a revolution in cosmology?

I have a new post on my Across the Universe for The Guardian.

The most detailed picture yet of the early universe is to be revealed today in Paris

I have a new post on my Across the Universe for The Guardian.

I have a new post on my Across the Universe blog for The Guardian.

“First, Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover failed to hand in its homework. Then it refused to go to bed. Now the naughty rover is in detention. What on Mars caused such bad behaviour? ...”

You can read the full article here.

I have a new story posted by New Scientist:

“Dwarf galaxies dancing around the spiral galaxy Andromeda have boosted a controversial alternative to the idea of dark matter – the invisible stuff that most astronomers think makes up about 80 per cent of the matter in the universe.



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