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I'm busily working on the final draft of the first novel (my first foray into fiction) in the trilogy we've been calling CosmoThriller for want of a better name. The trilogy dramatises the key turning points in our understanding of the Universe. The first book, The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth, features Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei, encountered in mid-career when the novel begins, and about to make their historic breakthroughs. I'm on my own with the rewrites, but as I slave away on this labour of love, I thought I'd ask for your help in coming up with a better series title.


CosmoThriller  evolved as shorthand for talking about the series, but it was always a working title. While the stories they tell are thrilling in nature and broad in scope, they're certainly not thrillers in the traditional sense and none of the 'characters' (Kepler & Galileo in the first novel, Newton and Hooke in the second and Einstein and Hubble in the third) meet with foul play in the 'grievous bodily harm' sense. They are, rather, fast-paced historical fiction - with a dash of popular science. Think crime writing crossed with popular history, as done so well by CJ Sansom in his Shardlake series.


So we need a real name for the trilogy, and it occurred to me there's no better time to crowdsource/brainstorm than right now.


These are some of the possible series' titles we've already come up with. Please let me known via the comments which one you like the most and why.  Or I've included a 'none of the above' as I'm hoping that you might suggest another title in the comments box.


The Copernicum Trilogy

Copernicum (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3)

The Firmament Trilogy

The Jealous Sky (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3)

None of the above


So, which (if any!) do you like? All suggestions gratefully received. And if your suggestion ends up being the final series' title, I will personally sign and send you a copy of The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth as soon as I have one.  It is scheduled for publication in Spring 2011 by Polygon Books.


Don’t be shy. I look forward to reading your ideas.

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