Storm Worlds Premiere on National Geographic in USA

The awesome power of a solar storm is about to visit the United States of America - thankfully in an imagined form.  Storm Worlds: Cosmic Fire brings to life the amazing 1859 Solar Storm that I wrote about in The Sun Kings.  It is one episode in a three eipsode series looking at the extreme weather that can occur across the worlds of the solar system.

The series premiers on National Geographic on 16th May, 8pm ET. Here’s a clip from the programme of me explaining how British astronomer Richard Carrington saw the 1859 flare:


And here is another clip in which I describe the cataclysmic aurora that engulfed the Earth in the wake of Carrington’s flare.



For more information, click here.

Written on Friday, 14 May 2010 00:00 by Administrator

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