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Occasionally I get to escape from the writing desk and take part in some video and podcast work, some of which are collected here. This section is regularly updated so please return soon!

BBC Focus Magazine Podcast





To tie in with my cover article on the story of the Universe So Far, I recorded an interview for BBC Focus magazine's podcast. You can listen to it here.

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Science Weekly podcast: Britain invests in spaceplanes

On 17 July I wrote a piece about the Sabre engine on the Skylon spaceplane. (You can see it below if you scroll back to that date.) I've now made a podcast about it for The Guardian explaining why the £60m investment in the Sabre rocket engine could open up our access to space.


You can listen to it here

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Radio 4: The Life Scientific

Here’s an interesting interview with geologist Sanjeev Gupta, who is now working as a planner on NASA’s Mars Curiosity Mission. Radio 4 called me in to provide a little bit of gentle devil’s advocacy at the end.

You can listen to the programme here.

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Will we ever understand the Universe? Lecture

It was with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation from the Fundacion Banco Santander to lecture in Madrid. It was part of their series of lectures on The Limits of Science, organised in association with Eduardo Punset.

Last year I made two television programmes with Eduardo. You can watch the first here and the second one here.

My thanks to Fundacion Banco Santander and Eduardo for asking me to join in. You can watch a recording of the lecture here.

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Galileo on Science Weekly with Alok Jha

I had the pleasure of guesting again on the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast. This time I was talking about the unique opportunity to work with the cast of the RSC’s new adaptation of Galileo. The interview was based on my blog entry.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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