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New Scientist (
The UK’s premier magazine of science and technology for the general reader.


New Scientist Space (
This one is a spin-off site that concentrates on bringing you the latest astronomy and space news for free.


BBC Focus (
The latest science and technology innovations: always fun, always informative.


Nature (
The world’s most prestigious scientific journal; also carries journalistic articles and news.


BBC Sky At Night (
Lively website for the tie-in magazine to Patrick Moore’s The Sky At Night TV show.


Astronomy Now (
The UK’s longest running astronomy magazine.


Spiked (
On-line magazine for free thinkers, including a special science and technology section.


Lablit (
A pioneering website to discuss the use of science in literature.




The European Space Agency (
Stay up-to-date with the results from Europe’s space missions.


The European Southern Observatory (
Ground-based astronomy from the monstrous Very Large Telescope (VLT).


Space Telescope Science Institute (
Amazing Hubble photos and lots more information about the space telescope.


Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull (
Ever wondered what a black hole is?  Wonder no more with this award winning website.


The Gemini Observatory (
Results from the giant Gemini telescopes.


The Royal Astronomical Society (
The UK’s most prestigious astronomical organisation.


Astronomy Ireland (
Ireland’s premiere astronomical organisation, with 10,000 members.


50 Videos for Space Geeks
Hours of information and fun with this collection of space videos





The Naked Scientists
Fun articles about science and a weekly podcast.


Guardian Science
Listen to the Guardian’s weekly science podcast here or on their myspace page (


Astronomy Cast
Everything you want to know about astronomy, squeezed into an mp3 file.


Hubble Cast
The latest Hubble science explained.


Living Space Online
Lively astronomy podcasts.





Marcus Chown (
Cosmology consultant to New Scientist.


John Whitfield (
Science journalist specializing in biology.


Simon Singh
Award winning author of The Code Book and Big Bang.


Dava Sobel
Acclaimed author of Longitude, Galileo’s Daughter and The Planets.


Will Gater
Freelance science writer.


Chris Lintott
The Sky at Night co-presenter’s blog.


Lucy Rogers
Astronomer and science writer


Other resources

The Role of Data Science in Astronomy and Interstellar Exploration



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