Ulysses mission coming to a natural end

22 February, 2008

I have another story published by ESA:

“Ulysses, the mission to study the Sun’s poles and the influence of our star on surrounding space is coming to an end. After more than 17 years in space – almost four times its expected lifetime – the mission is finally succumbing to its harsh environment and is likely to finish sometime in the next month or two. …”


You can read the full story here for free.

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The light and dark of Venus

21 February, 2008

I have a new story published by ESA:

“Venus Express has revealed a planet of extraordinarily changeable and extremely large-scale weather. Bright hazes appear in a matter of days, reaching from the south pole to the low southern latitudes and disappearing just as quickly. Such ‘global weather’, unlike anything on Earth, has given scientists a new mystery to solve. …”


You can read the full story here for free.

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Integral: Stellar winds colliding at our cosmic doorstep

20 February, 2008

Another new story published at ESA:

“ESA’s Integral has made the first unambiguous discovery of high-energy X-rays coming from a rare massive star at our cosmic doorstep, Eta Carinae. It is one of the most violent places in the galaxy, producing vast winds of electrically charged particles colliding at speeds of thousands of kilometres per second. …”


Read the full story for free here.

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Are the UK's space goals beyond its means?

19 February, 2008

I have published a new opinion piece concerning the woeful under-funding of UK physics and astronomy on the New Scientist Space blog:
“The British National Space Centre (BNSC)'s new UK Civil Space Strategy document is at best a case of the left hand of government not knowing what its right hand is doing and at worst a joke in the poorest possible taste.

Around two months ago, the UK government emasculated astronomy and physics research funding in the country. Now, the BNSC has produced a 42-page document talking about the future role of the UK in world-leading space initiatives. What planet are they on? It is certainly not Earth. …”

You can read the full blog entry for free here

You can read the BNSC’s Space Strategy document here.

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The Sun Kings Wins Major US Book Award

07 February, 2008

What a pleasure to report that my book The Sun Kings has won the 2007 Professional and Scholarly Publishing Award for Excellence in the Cosmology and Astronomy category.  Thanks to everyone, especially at Princeton University Press, who contributed to its success.

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ESA presents Mars in 3D

05 February, 2008

I have a new story published by ESA:

“Mars is about to come into 3D focus as never before, thanks to the data from the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC). A new high-resolution Digital Terrain Model data set that has just been released onto the Internet, will allow researchers to obtain new information about the Red Planet in 3D. …”


Read the full story here.

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