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At the dawn of the seventeenth century, the Sun revolved around the Earth according to God’s plan and as set down in the Bible. Yet some men knew that the Heavens did not move as they should and began to believe exactly the opposite – a heresy punishable by being burned alive.

The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth is the first in a trilogy of novels that dramatically bring to life key moments in our understanding of the cosmos – when our view of the Universe changed forever.


I'll be collecting all posts here that are relevant to The Sky's Dark Labyrinth.  Published during the course of 2011-2012, volume I, The Sky's Dark Labyrinth, presents the stories of Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei.


German Lutheran Johannes Kepler is convinced that he has been given a vision by God when he becomes the first man to distill into mathematical laws how stars and planets move through the heavens.  Galileo Galilei, an Italian Catholic, will try to claim Kepler’s success for his own Church, but he finds himself enmeshed in a web of intrigue originating from within the Vatican itself.  Both men become trapped by human ignorance and irrational terror to the peril of their lives and those of their families in one of the darkest, yet also one of the most enlightening, periods of European history.


Volume II, The Sensorium of God, features Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley.  Volume III, The Day Without Yesterday, recounts the story of Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble and George Lemaitre.


Confirmed publication dates so far are April in UK, June in Australia, September in Canada.  Forthcoming publications dates will be announced for South Korea, Japan and Greece soon.  I'll be talking about these books at various literary festivals and other venues across the UK this year.  Stay tuned for further announcements.  The book is published in the UK and Australia by Polygon Books and in Canada by McArthur Books.


To download a four page brochure about the trilogy, click here.


To contact the book's UK publicist, Jan Rutherford, click here.

To contact the book's Canadian publicist, Devon Pool, click here.

The Sensorium of God - launch party

Come and join me in London, next week, on the evening of the 25th January to celebrate the launch of The Sensorium of God, Book II in The Sky's Dark Labyrinth trilogy. I'm thrilled to say that The Science Museum have invited me to launch the book as part of their Lates programme, an adults only open evening at the museum in South Kensington.


The Science Museum have again endorsed The Sensorium of God, as they did The Sky's Dark Labyrinth, recognising that these novels dramatise the stories of the astronomers behind the greatest discoveries in the Universe.


The Sensorium of God follows Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke and Edmond Halley as they pick up the story from the first book and seek to understand why the planets move as they do. This is from the dust jacket:


'It is the late seventeenth century and the movement of the planets remains a mystery despite the revolutionary work of Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Tycho Brahe almost a hundred years before.


Edmond Halley - dynamic adventurer and astronomer - seeks the help of Isaac Newton in unravelling the problem, but, though obsessed with understanding the orbits of the planets, Newton has problems of his own. The reclusive mathematician and alchemist has a guilty secret. He stole some of his ideas from Robert Hooke, and the quarrelsome experimentalist is demanding recognition.


While capable of contemplating the loftiest ideals and theories, the three men are just as quick to argue, and their grudges could derail the quest for scientific truth. The men's lives and work clash as Europe is pushed headlong towards the Age of Enlightenment and science is catapulted into its next seismic collision with religion.'


At the Science Museum, I will be presenting two lectures (at 7.45pm, and 8.45pm) and I'll be around for the whole evening 6:45-10pm so come and chat informally. You can find more details here. Also on that page you will find my other bookings across the UK.


Copies of Sensorium will, of course, be available at the Science Museum on the night and I'll be flourishing my signing pen! You can also order the book online here from amazon and here from Waterstone's. I hope to see you at The Science Museum or at one of my other talks.

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The Sky's Dark Labyrinth Blog Tour


What a great week it has been for The Sky's Dark Labyrinth.  All week book bloggers have been talking about the book and posting their reviews.  A huge thank you to my Canadian publisher McArthur & Co for organising this, and to the bloggers who have taken part.  It has been great to read your insights and connect with you on this project.

Thank you.


Here's a summary of all the postings from The Sky's Dark Labyrinth blog tour.  Seven stops over five days:

Monday December 12
Book Gaga Review by Vicki Ziegler

Tuesday December 13
Book Discovery Review by Jeanne Duperreault

Wednesday December 14
A Winding Road Review by Leonicka
Keeping the Passion for Writing Alive: Q&A by Krissy Brady

Thursday December 15 Review by Elissa Smith
Book Discovery guest post on Why Write TSDL as fiction?

Friday December 16
Space Couture Review by Mark Timmins
Misfits & Mascara Review by Krissy Brady

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Astronomers I'd Like to Drink With

It's Tycho Brahe's birthday today!  He was born in 1542 in Svalöv, a municipality in what was Denmark then, but is now Sweden.  To celebrate I've got a guest post over on Amazon's Kindle Post Blog about Astronomers I'd Like to Drink With. 

"...Although I was determined to use facts and known events wherever possible, my golden rule was not to end up with a 300-page astronomy lesson. By writing a novel, I wanted to explore these characters and their motivations. To me, they were men of passion and drive, who just happened to be astronomers. So, I asked myself a simple question, "What would it be like to have a drink with each man?..."

To read the full post click here or, to just go for it and order The Sky's Dark Labyrinth ebook without another thought - click here!

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The Sky's Dark Labyrinth - "fine fiction"

The Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail has reviewed The Sky's Dark Labyrinth in their Quick Reads column.  The review concludes "Clark spins a fascinating, pell-mell tale of intrigue, ignorance and irrationality in a new Europe struggling to be born."  Needless to say, I am utterly thrilled.

To read the full review click here and scroll to second review.

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Join The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth Blog Tour

My Canadian publishers, McArthur and Co., are organising a blog tour for me to start in the week of 12th Dec.


If you are a blogger and would like to join the fun in some way, here over to their blog to read all the details.  I look forward to seeing you all ‘on tour’!

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