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At the dawn of the seventeenth century, the Sun revolved around the Earth according to God’s plan and as set down in the Bible. Yet some men knew that the Heavens did not move as they should and began to believe exactly the opposite – a heresy punishable by being burned alive.

The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth is the first in a trilogy of novels that dramatically bring to life key moments in our understanding of the cosmos – when our view of the Universe changed forever.


I'll be collecting all posts here that are relevant to The Sky's Dark Labyrinth.  Published during the course of 2011-2012, volume I, The Sky's Dark Labyrinth, presents the stories of Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei.


German Lutheran Johannes Kepler is convinced that he has been given a vision by God when he becomes the first man to distill into mathematical laws how stars and planets move through the heavens.  Galileo Galilei, an Italian Catholic, will try to claim Kepler’s success for his own Church, but he finds himself enmeshed in a web of intrigue originating from within the Vatican itself.  Both men become trapped by human ignorance and irrational terror to the peril of their lives and those of their families in one of the darkest, yet also one of the most enlightening, periods of European history.


Volume II, The Sensorium of God, features Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley.  Volume III, The Day Without Yesterday, recounts the story of Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble and George Lemaitre.


Confirmed publication dates so far are April in UK, June in Australia, September in Canada.  Forthcoming publications dates will be announced for South Korea, Japan and Greece soon.  I'll be talking about these books at various literary festivals and other venues across the UK this year.  Stay tuned for further announcements.  The book is published in the UK and Australia by Polygon Books and in Canada by McArthur Books.


To download a four page brochure about the trilogy, click here.


To contact the book's UK publicist, Jan Rutherford, click here.

To contact the book's Canadian publicist, Devon Pool, click here.

The Sensorium of God in Amazon's summer sale

Attention Kindle users! The Sensorium of God has gone on special offer in's summer sale. For a limited time it's just £1.19, click here. There are reviews of the book here, here and here. And of course there are reviews on the amazon page.


Amazon also have significant discounts on the hardback of Sensorium and the hardback, paperback and ebook of The Sky's Dark Labyrinth.


If you prefer non-fiction, check out Big Questions: Universe or The Sun Kings .


The paperback of The Sensorium of God is due out in February 2013, and the publication of  the third volume in the trilogy, The Day Without Yesterday, is scheduled for March 2013.


Happy summer reading!

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The Sky's Dark Labyrinth: "a book to be enjoyed on all levels"

I was very pleased to read this review of The Sky's Dark Labyrinth on the Australian website Media and Culture Reviews. Reviewer Tony Williams says:

"Through Clark's vivid blend of fact and informed fiction, we are given insights into the struggles of Kepler and Galileo against the Vatican and the repercussions that their findings had on their families and society."

The Sky's Dark Labyrinth is available in Australia here.
The Sensorium of God is also available in Australia here.

You can read the full review here.


Thank you Tony.

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Edinburgh International Book Festival

It is my great pleasure to announce that I will be appearing again at the Edinburgh Book Festival this year. My event is with an author I admire greatly, SJ Parris.   The book festival has called our event High Octane Historical Dramas and describe it in their catalogue like this:

"It's 1584 and plague creates fear in London but Giordano Bruno, a radical philosopher and spy, chooses to remain. Welcome to S J Parris' Sacrilege. Fast forward 100 years and Edmund Halley needs Isaac Newton's help in solving the question of why planets move in the way Johannes Kepler described. This is Stuart Clark's The Sensorium of God. Two masters of historical fiction discuss their new novels in this unmissable event."

I hope to see you there!

Sunday 19 August
8:30pm - 9:30pm
RBS Corner Theatre
Book tickets here.  (In case you're thinking that I've changed a lot, that's SJ Parris in the picture.)


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The Daily Mail reviews The Sensorium of God

Kathy Stevenson writes in the Daily Mail, 'I had been greatly anticipating this book after reading The Sky's Dark Labyrinth, the first in Clark's trilogy, so I was cock-a-hoop when it landed on my desk. And my anticipation was not in vain. ...'

Read the full review here:

Read Kathy's review of The Sky's Dark Labyrinth here.

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Waterstones Spring tour

I’m pleased to announce a seven-date tour of Waterstones book stores this spring in support of The Sensorium of God: Book II of The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth.

Some dates are signings, where I’ll be happy to speak to readers individually, others are talks where I’ll able to expand on the topics in the novel such as Newton, alchemy, the birth of western science and why these stories make great subjects for historical fiction.

Signings: Chesham, Watford, Aylesbury, Bedford
Talks: Milton Keynes, St Albans, St Neots


Hope to see you there!

Dates and details of these and my other appearances can be found here.

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