The Sensorium of God in Amazon's summer sale

Attention Kindle users! The Sensorium of God has gone on special offer in's summer sale. For a limited time it's just £1.19, click here. There are reviews of the book here, here and here. And of course there are reviews on the amazon page.


Amazon also have significant discounts on the hardback of Sensorium and the hardback, paperback and ebook of The Sky's Dark Labyrinth.


If you prefer non-fiction, check out Big Questions: Universe or The Sun Kings .


The paperback of The Sensorium of God is due out in February 2013, and the publication of  the third volume in the trilogy, The Day Without Yesterday, is scheduled for March 2013.


Happy summer reading!

Written on Wednesday, 01 August 2012 00:00 by Nicola Clark

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