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I have a new story published over on ESA:
“Dark energy, habitable planets around other stars, and the mysterious nature of our own Sun, have been chosen by ESA as candidates for two medium-class missions to be launched no earlier than 2017. ...”

Read the full story here

I have a news story in this week’s issue of New Scientist (Magazine issue 2749):
“A SPINNING disc may be all that is needed to overturn Newton's second law of motion – and potentially remove the need for dark matter.

The second law states that a force is proportional to an object's mass and its acceleration. But since the 1980s, some physicists have eyed the law with suspicion, arguing that subtle changes to it at extremely small accelerations could explain the observed motion of stars in galaxies. ...”


Read the full story here

I have a brief news story in New Scientist today (Magazine issue 2750):
“EVEN if we knew precise details of Earth's core, we would not be able to predict a catastrophic flip in the polarity of its magnetic field more than a decade or two ahead. ... “

Read the full story here

I have a new story published over at ESA: 
“Mars Express encountered Phobos last night, smoothly skimming past at just 67 km, the closest any manmade object has ever approached Mars’ enigmatic moon. The data collected could help unlock the origin of not just Phobos but other ‘second generation’ moons. ...”

Read the full story here.

Read the frequent updates on the Phobos flyby campaign at the Mars Express Blog here

As those of you who regularly follow the blog will know, every now and again my alternate universe rock-god persona breaks through from somewhere in the multiverse.  Well, its happening again.  This time the place to be (armed with earplugs) is The Miller, 96 Snowfields, London Bridge SE13SS ( on Thursday 18th March at 7.30pm.  Dr Stu and the Neutron Stars will be performing a number of songs, including a couple of old favourites from Rush and Pink Floyd.  Be there and be square – and remember neutron stars are heavier than metal.  Tickets are £2 in advance (£3 on the door).  Buy them here

I have a brief news item published over at New Scientist:
“Call it a cosmic growth spurt. A young galaxy is making stars over 100 times as vigorously as the Milky Way. ...”

You can read the full article here

Prepare to be blown away – the great solar storm of 1859 is coming to life on a television near you!
I have great pleasure in announcing that the television programme I helped make last year is about to be transmitted.  The episode is called Cosmic Fire and is part of a three episode series called Storm Worlds (Storm Planets in Canada).  The producers contacted me after reading The Sun Kings and wanted to bring a giant solar storm to virtual life – both recreating the 19th Carrington storm from the book and imagining what would happen if something similar took place today.

I have the lead story in New Scientist this week:
“BRACE yourself for more winters like the last one, northern Europe. Freezing conditions could become more likely: winter temperatures may even plummet to depths last seen at the end of the 17th century, a time known as the Little Ice Age. That's the message from a new study that identifies a compelling link between solar activity and winter temperatures in northern Europe. ...”

You can read the full story here

A big thank you to all those who have already ordered my next book Big Questions: Universe, due out in the UK in July and in the US in the autumn/winter.  Also, the book has recently been sold to Holland for a Dutch edition. I’ll pass on more details about US and Dutch publication dates as I get them.

I have a new story published over at ESA:
“Herschel’s latest image reveals the formation of previously unseen large stars, each one up to ten times the mass of our Sun. These are the stars that will influence where and how the next generation of stars are formed. The image is a new release of ‘OSHI’, ESA’s Online Showcase of Herschel Images. ...”

You can read the full story here



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