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I have a new article on my Guardian blog, Across the Universe:


"Rosetta has arrived at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. One of the most audacious space missions in decades, it is designed to reveal clues to the origins of the solar system, our home planet and life itself

I have a new article published on my Guardian blog, Across the Universe.


"The iron meteorite discovered by the Curiosity rover must once have been at the heart of a growing planet that was shattered aeons ago.

I have a new article published on my Guardian blog, Across the Universe.


"Construction of the E-ELT monster telescope starts on Thursday with the blasting of a million tonnes of rock from a mountain top. Watch the livestream below.

I have a new article published by the Guardian.


"European Space Agency scientist says annual sea level rises since 1993 indicate that warming has continued unabated.

I have a new article published on my Guardian blog, Across the Universe.


"Fifa president Sepp Blatter has joked that one day football could be played on other planets. Here’s my unofficial guide to interplanetary football.

It is with great pleasure that I announce I have been shortlisted in the Association of British Science Writers 2014 Awards for Journalism.

My work features in the category of best feature. Called Ear on the Universe, the piece was edited by Valerie Jamieson and published by New Scientist on 21 October 2013. You can read the article here.

I have a new story posted over at the Guardian:


"Environmental consequences of removing hills to create more land for cities not considered, academics say in Nature paper

I've been asked to cover the science desk at The Guardian when the newspaper's other correspondents are unavailable. It means you will be seeing some non-astronomy stories popping up every now and again. I hope you enjoy these as much as the spacey stuff.


"Mitochondrial replacement is controversial because the law rules out all treatments on humans that require changing their DNA

I have a new story published by ESA:


"XMM-Newton has revealed a unique star. It is a celestial chimera with the body of a normal massive star yet the magnetic field of a dead, stellar dwarf. This makes it a singular object among the billions of known stars.

I have a new article published on my Across the Universe blog for The Guardian:


"Life on Mars could have flourished on the flanks of a giant Martian volcano in the relatively recent past



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