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I have a new article published on my Guardian blog, Across the Universe:


"The European Space Agency’s technology-testing mission LISA Pathfinder is working five times better than its design specification, opening Einstein’s gravitational universe for investigation from space


It has taken just two months of space-based experimentation for scientists and engineers to know that the European Space Agency’s technology testing mission LISA Pathfinder is far exceeding its design requirements.

The results mean that Europe could now begin building a mission to detect gravitational waves from space. ..."


Read the whole article here.

I am thrilled to say that my new book, The Unknown Universe: What We Don't Know About Time and Space in Ten Chapters, is out on 10th September.

I have a new radio programme broadcast by BBC Radio 4 today at 15:30om. From the BBC website:


"Astrophysicist and science writer Dr Stuart Clark asks whether our increasing reliance on computers in scientific research is becoming an obstacle to progress.

I have a new article published on my Across the Universe blog at The Guardian.


"Physicists are growing confident of detecting ephemeral ripples in the universe, and they are gearing up to engage the public in the discovery.

I have a new article published on my Across the Universe blog for The Guardian:


"Jupiter’s icy moon Europa may harbour extraterrestrial life. Nasa has announced a mission to go, but Esa will get there first.


Europa is a tantalising place orbiting the giant planet of Jupiter. Extraordinary images from the twin Voyager spacecraft in 1979 showed that Europa’s surface was cracked in places, with what looked like ice floes in others.

This sparked the possibility that beneath that icy crust could be an ocean. Magnetic field data and further investigation by the Galileo spacecraft in the 1990s seemed to confirm this. And where there is water on Earth, there is life. Could the same be true at Europa? ..."

I have a new article published on my Across the Universe blog for The Guardian.


"A new video from the European Space Agency talks about an international effort to return humans to the moon as a stepping stone for future crewed missions.

I have a new piece published by the Guardian:


"British Beagle 2 probe had not been seen or heard from since December 2003 and had been presumed destroyed.

I have a new article published by The Guardian.


"The planet announced on Tuesday may be the most Earth-like to date, but there are better candidates for alien life waiting to be discovered.

I have a new posting on my Guardian blog, Across the Universe.


"The European Space Agency is playing a high-stakes game but the potential science return makes it worth taking the chance.

I have a new article published by The Guardian.


"The aurora borealis could be pushed further south than usual by a coronal mass ejection from the sun on Friday.



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