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First of all, Happy New Year to all readers.  During the course of 2010, I shall be bringing you even more stories and content for this website, so do stay tuned. But let me begin the year with an announcement, which is that I have reached an agreement with the European Space Agency to become their Senior Editor for Space Science.  I have worked with ESA as a writer for almost a decade now, and it is an absolute pleasure that this opportunity to become part of the editorial staff presented itself.  Expect to see an increase in the number of ESA stories I post on this website!


Readers of my other work need not worry.  It is fixed in my contract with ESA that I will have plenty of time to continue with all my other projects.  Already in the pipeline for the first few months of this year are feature articles for New Scientist, BBC Focus and BBC Sky at Night magazines.  Indeed, look out for the 30 January issue of New Scientist for my first cover story of 2010!

In July in the UK, my next book will be published.  Big Questions: Universe, published by Quercus Books, will take a look at the 20 biggest questions in cosmology and present the answers for everyone to understand.  North America will have to wait until the autumn/winter time, where it will be published through Barnes and Noble.  I will update you as time progresses.

Finally, I am very close to signing a contract with a publisher for an exciting astronomy book for Christmas 2010.  So stay tuned, it is going to be an exciting year.

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