Scientists warn against China's plan to flatten over 700 mountains

Last Updated on 05 June 2014

I have a new story posted over at the Guardian:


"Environmental consequences of removing hills to create more land for cities not considered, academics say in Nature paper


Scientists have criticised China's bulldozing of hundreds of mountains to provide more building land for cities.

In a paper published in journal Nature this week, three Chinese academics say plan to remove over 700 mountains and shovel debris into valleys to create 250 sq km of flat land has not been sufficiently considered “environmentally, technically or economically.”

Li Peiyue, Qian Hui and Wu Jianhua, all from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Chang’an University, China, write: “There has been too little modelling of the costs and benefits of land creation. Inexperience and technical problems delay projects and add costs, and the environment impacts are not being thoroughly considered.” ..."


Read the full story here.

Written on Thursday, 05 June 2014 00:00 by Stuart Clark

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