The Guardian: Comet Ison to light up morning skies in the run-up to Christmas

Last Updated on 25 November 2013

I have a new article published by The Guardian:


"The best time to see Ison in the UK will be the first two weeks of December – if it survives a close encounter with the sun.


If it survives an encounter with the sun this week, comet Ison will put on an impressive early morning display in the run-up to Christmas. But anyone hoping for a Bethlehem-style celestial sign on the big day will be disappointed. By then the comet will probably be too faint to see with a naked eye.


Ison is currently speeding towards a fiery encounter on Thursday, which could destroy it. It will pass 720,000 miles above the solar surface, 130 times closer than our planet ever reaches.


The intense sunlight will heat the comet to about 2,700C, speeding up its evaporation. In the past some comets have been seen to vaporise under such an onslaught. ..."


Read the full story here.

Written on Monday, 25 November 2013 15:17 by Stuart Clark

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