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Nikki and I are looking forward to spending Friday and Saturday in Warwickshire at the International Astronomy Show. We'll be looking around the forty or so stands and listening to many of the talks.

I'll being giving one on each day myself and hope to see many familiar and new faces. Come and talk to me afterwards at my book stall and if you are kind enough to buy one of my novels or other publications, I'd be delighted to sign it. If you don't, I'll enjoy chatting to you anyway!

On Friday I'll be giving the latest version of Do we need a new theory of gravity, a talk I am forever updating as new ideas are put forward and new results come to light. The short answer is 'yes' but I'll string it out for an hour starting at 2 o'clock!

Then on Saturday morning at 11.15 I'll be talking about The Day without Yesterday based on my trilogy of novels dramatising the lives and times of the greatest astronomers. This talk will look at Albert Einstein and the origin of the Big Bang theory.

Details of my talks can be found here

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