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I am utterly thrilled to have The Sensorium of God picked out by the Daily Mail in their round up of the year’s fiction:

“I cannot commend highly enough Stuart Clark’s The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth trilogy.  This is the second volume about the great men whose knowledge and passion did so much to advance our understanding of our planet and the skies above us.

The Sensorium Of God focuses on the professional rivalries between Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley and Robert Hooke.  Thwarted in his understanding of Johannes Kepler’s century-old explanation as to why the planets move as they do, Halley enlists Newton’s help.  But accusations that Newton is actually stealing Hooke’s research threatens to derail any progress that is being made.

This novel is not just for those of a scientific bent: Clark’s narration is easy to follow and his prose flows. This volume can be read in isolation, but with the final book due in February you may want to add the first to your Christmas package, to be fully up to speed.”

You can see all the selections here.

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