Across the Universe Shortlisted for the 2012 UK Science Blog Prize

Last Updated on 19 November 2012

I am thrilled to report that my Guardian blog, Across The Universe, has been shortlisted for the 2012 UK Science Blog Prize.

The prize has been initiated by Good Thinking, a small UK-based organisation devoted to promoting science and debunking pseudoscience. The awards evening is presented in association with Soho Skeptics. My grateful thanks for this recognition go to both organisations.

The prize night is on Sunday 25 in London. I will be there to give a short talk and to applaud the other nominees. I am honoured by the nomination and to be in such company. You can buy tickets to the event here.

Read the official release, and see the other shortlisted blogs by clicking on the Read More, if you can’t see the full post already.


Good Thinking,  in association with Soho Skeptics,  are delighted to present the inaugural UK Science Blog Prize awards evening.

At the start of October, Good Thinking asked for nominations to find the best UK science bloggers. Over one hundred blogs were entered. This evening, we’ll be revealing the runners up and presenting the grand prize of £1,000 to the overall winner.

 Attending on the night will be a number of the judges, including Ben Goldacre and Simon Singh. Also appearing will be our very special guest, Helen Arney, who will be providing a musical interlude.

 However, the main part of the evening will be given over to the short listed bloggers, who will be asked to give brief talks either based around their blog subject or on blogging in general.

The short-listed bloggers are (in no particular order)

•    Stuart Clark: Across the Universe
•    David Colquhoun: DC’s Improbable Science
•    Ed Yong: Not Exactly Rocket Science
•    André Tomlin: The Mental Elf
•    Suzi Gage: Sifting the Evidence
•    Dorothy Bishop: BishopBlog
•    Neuroskeptic: Neuroskeptic
•    Oliver Childs, Henry Scowcroft & Kat Arney: Cancer Research UK Science Update
•    Dean Burnett: Brain Flapping
•    Athene Donald: Athene Donald’s Blog
Come along to hear some fascinating talks, applaud the winners but most importantly to show your support for all the science based bloggers in the UK.”

Read the original post here.
Book tickets for the Prizegiving here.


Written on Monday, 19 November 2012 00:00 by Nicola Clark

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