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I'll be taking part in The Enlightenment Cafe at The Old Vic Tunnels this week from Thursday 31st May to 3rd June, 7pm. Each night promises to be an entertaining, fun-filled romp through Victorian science. Five good reasons to go to the Enlightenment Cafe:

1.    See theatre and science collide in a daring experience sure to fire up the imagination.
2.    Step back in time to 1882 for a drink, dance and speed debate.
3.    Do the rounds at a Victorian psychiatric clinic, be schooled in the science of dating etiquette or meet a man in an opium den who knows all about the titanic solar storm of the 19th century.
4.    Meet fellow aesthetes, geeks, bons viveurs and enquiring minds.
5.    Interact with characters, scientists and perhaps, between drinks, learn a little something new.

You can guess who's the guy in the opium den talking about

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