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Come and join me in London, next week, on the evening of the 25th January to celebrate the launch of The Sensorium of God, Book II in The Sky's Dark Labyrinth trilogy. I'm thrilled to say that The Science Museum have invited me to launch the book as part of their Lates programme, an adults only open evening at the museum in South Kensington.


The Science Museum have again endorsed The Sensorium of God, as they did The Sky's Dark Labyrinth, recognising that these novels dramatise the stories of the astronomers behind the greatest discoveries in the Universe.


The Sensorium of God follows Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke and Edmond Halley as they pick up the story from the first book and seek to understand why the planets move as they do. This is from the dust jacket:


'It is the late seventeenth century and the movement of the planets remains a mystery despite the revolutionary work of Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Tycho Brahe almost a hundred years before.


Edmond Halley - dynamic adventurer and astronomer - seeks the help of Isaac Newton in unravelling the problem, but, though obsessed with understanding the orbits of the planets, Newton has problems of his own. The reclusive mathematician and alchemist has a guilty secret. He stole some of his ideas from Robert Hooke, and the quarrelsome experimentalist is demanding recognition.


While capable of contemplating the loftiest ideals and theories, the three men are just as quick to argue, and their grudges could derail the quest for scientific truth. The men's lives and work clash as Europe is pushed headlong towards the Age of Enlightenment and science is catapulted into its next seismic collision with religion.'


At the Science Museum, I will be presenting two lectures (at 7.45pm, and 8.45pm) and I'll be around for the whole evening 6:45-10pm so come and chat informally. You can find more details here. Also on that page you will find my other bookings across the UK.


Copies of Sensorium will, of course, be available at the Science Museum on the night and I'll be flourishing my signing pen! You can also order the book online here from amazon and here from Waterstone's. I hope to see you at The Science Museum or at one of my other talks.

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