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It's Tycho Brahe's birthday today!  He was born in 1542 in Svalöv, a municipality in what was Denmark then, but is now Sweden.  To celebrate I've got a guest post over on Amazon's Kindle Post Blog about Astronomers I'd Like to Drink With. 

"...Although I was determined to use facts and known events wherever possible, my golden rule was not to end up with a 300-page astronomy lesson. By writing a novel, I wanted to explore these characters and their motivations. To me, they were men of passion and drive, who just happened to be astronomers. So, I asked myself a simple question, "What would it be like to have a drink with each man?..."

To read the full post click here or, to just go for it and order The Sky's Dark Labyrinth ebook without another thought - click here!

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