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What a great week it has been for The Sky's Dark Labyrinth.  All week book bloggers have been talking about the book and posting their reviews.  A huge thank you to my Canadian publisher McArthur & Co for organising this, and to the bloggers who have taken part.  It has been great to read your insights and connect with you on this project.

Thank you.



Here's a summary of all the postings from The Sky's Dark Labyrinth blog tour.  Seven stops over five days:

Monday December 12
Book Gaga Review by Vicki Ziegler

Tuesday December 13
Book Discovery Review by Jeanne Duperreault

Wednesday December 14
A Winding Road Review by Leonicka
Keeping the Passion for Writing Alive: Q&A by Krissy Brady

Thursday December 15 Review by Elissa Smith
Book Discovery guest post on Why Write TSDL as fiction?

Friday December 16
Space Couture Review by Mark Timmins
Misfits & Mascara Review by Krissy Brady

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