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In January, Newbooks Magazine, the magazine for readers and reading groups, chose The Sky's Dark labyrinth as one of their forthcoming debut novels of the year. I was especially grateful; it gave me a great boost as I sat and wondered whether anyone would really go for a novel based on 17th century astronomy.

Now, they have reviewed the book and I'm particularly pleased that reviewer Berwyn Peet has said, "a good read and as a rich source of discussion for book groups."

It is my intention to produce a reading group guide that can be downloaded to give some insight into my motivations and hopes for the book.  I’ve not completed it yet because I’m busy finishing the second book in The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth trilogy but as soon as the manuscript is with the publishers in a week or so, I’ll write the group guide – and that’s where you come in.

If you run a book group, what makes an interesting guide?  Would you be interested in receiving a copy of the guide or perhaps even talking to me over skype at one of your meetings.  

Please contact me through the form.   I'm keen to hear your seasoned opinions.

You can read the full Newbooks Magazine review here.

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