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A few weeks back I was signing books at Waterstones Stevenage when Dave Scott pop in to say hi.  We had met briefly before at another signing of mine and it was a pleasure to see a familiar face.  He was rushing to finish his holiday packing and bought The Sky's Dark Labyrinth for his vacation reading.  What I did not know was that Dave was taking a punt on me because he was not sure that a novel about astronomy was his kind of thing.

Thankfully, he has decided that it is and wrote a review for GeekPlanetOnline.

He writes, "I am a great fan of science fiction and therefore was initially not sure if The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth was my kind of read. A few pages in, however, I realised that it is still science fiction, but in a different sense. It is fiction of science. Clark has written several other books in the past, some fiction others non-fiction, but all of his work is focused on presenting the world, and his love, of astronomy to the general public. This book is a fresh take on that aspect, and a concept that shows a great deal of promise and is undertaken with an obvious passion. ..."

You can read the whole review here.

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