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I'm pleased to report another review of The Sky's Dark Labyrinth, this time by science journalist Tim Jones.


"Galileo Galilei’s scrape with the Roman Catholic Church is well known.


His suggestion that the Earth spins on its axis and orbits around the Sun was an afront to scripture that got him branded as a heretic and almost burnt at the stake. How he first became aware of the full peril of his situation is less well known: on a rooftop in Rome, eavesdropping whilst taking a pee behind a bush.



Maybe that’s how it happened, maybe not – either way, the Earth won’t stop turning.


But it’s through these touches of imaginative license: sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, on occasion disturbingly vivid, that Stuart Clark breathes life into the characters of his first novel, The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth. ..."


You can read the whole review here.

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