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“From Copernicus's struggles to tales of mad space exploration projects and the enduring mystery of black holes, the author of The Big Questions: The Universe picks the best reads about 'this most noble of sciences'.”

I have a new article published online today by The Guardian. It lists my ‘top 10 approachable astronomy books’. I had great fun combing my bookshelves in my search for the top ten astronomy books. I decided not to call them the top ten best astronomy books, as I haven’t read every astronomy book published and everyone’s choice would be different.

I also decided not to have a list filled with the great astronomy authors. Instead, each one of these books captured me in some way, made me think, or feel, rather than just educate.  Which books have done the same for you? Please comment either here or over at the Guardian. Join the debate!

Read the full article here.

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