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I am a science journalist and this is my place to enjoy my work and science in general with you. I particularly enjoy astronomy and astrophysics because that is what I trained in but my interest is captured by all sciences.


I believe that science is fun and wonderful. It should be celebrated – even the experiments that end in failure.



I'm currently fascinated by the level of the Sun's influence on modern climate change – but this does not mean I am a 'climate sceptic'. The research I have read convinces me that manmade emissions are the major cause of global warming. However, I have also read convincing papers that claim to show the magnetic activity of the Sun is responsible for up to one third of the current warming. My question is: what if the Sun's magnetic activity drops and global warming goes down as a result? How do we keep up the pressure to enact pollution controls?


I am also fascinated by the nature of the dark energy – the mysterious substance that is forcing the Universe to accelerate. Is it really some kind of energy in space, a new force of nature, or a deviation from Einstein's explanation of gravity? Whatever it is, it is magnificently fascinating and will usher in a revolution in thinking when we finally explain it.

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