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I was asked to take part in spiked’s on-line survey of ’What’s the Greatest Innovation?’


spiked is an internet-based magazine for free-thinkers.  Here’s how they described the survey:

’What’s the Greatest Innovation?’ is a survey of key thinkers in science, technology and medicine, conducted by spiked in collaboration with the research-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Each contributor was asked to identify what he or she sees as the greatest innovation in his or her field. More than a hundred experts and authorities, including half-a-dozen Nobel Laureates, have responded.



The aim of the online survey is to highlight some of the many gains of human ingenuity, and to put the current discussion of innovation into a historical context.


What did I claim was the greatest innovation?  Find out here.


Read the rest of the entries here.


There will also be a debate on this subject on 6 June 2007.  Find out more about the event here. I’ll be attending, so come up and say hello.

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