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Here’s another round up of interesting news stories:



500 days at Venus, and the surprises keep coming
Venus Express has now orbited Earth’s twin for 500 Earth days, completing as many orbits. While the satellite maintains steady and excellent performance, the planet continues to surprise and amaze us.
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Scientists Find Elusive Waves in Sun's Corona
Scientists for the first time have observed elusive oscillations in the Sun's corona, known as Alfvén waves, that transport energy outward from the surface of the Sun. The discovery is expected to give researchers more insight into the fundamental behaviour of solar magnetic fields, eventually leading to a fuller understanding of how the Sun affects Earth and the solar system.
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Cosmic Cockroaches
A tough, pesky molecule that is possibly the key to the origin of life on Earth has been spotted in deep space, surviving the ferocious blast wave of a supernova explosion.
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Mars Rovers and the Giant Martian dust storm
New images reveal threatening conditions that two rovers face in a giant Martian dust storm.
The mighty Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity continue to persevere in brutal conditions, as revealed in images of the sun they are sending home. The images show how opaque the Martian atmosphere has been in the face of a raging, two-month dust storm.
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Asteroids and dinosaurs
The impactor believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs and other life forms on Earth some 65 million years ago has been traced back to a break-up event in the main asteroid belt.
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