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Astronomer Jeffrey Kuhn has reviewed The Sun Kings in the journal Nature Physics. He writes, “Run, don't walk, to your nearest Princeton University Press outlet store to buy The Sun Kings by Stuart Clark. It is a remarkable book combining science, history and human drama. It exemplifies a genre that includes fascinating physical science stories such as The Neptune File (by Tom Standage) or Longitude (Dava Sobel). I was drawn into Clark's story like to a detective novel — even devouring his footnotes with as much anticipation as his human accounts.


Stuart Clark deftly manages an authoritative description of how the Sun affects the Earth within a captivating story-telling presence.” Thanks Jeff, I’m thrilled that you like the book so much.

On the subject of people liking the book, thanks also to the gentlemen from Fife who contacted me through this webpage. Your message made me smile.

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