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Naomi Pasachoff, Williams College, has reviewed the Sun Kings in the journal Metascience.  “When The Sun Kings came to my attention, what caught my eye was not the title but the back cover’s four enthusiastic endorsements, each by an acquaintance I greatly admire. How could I not want to read ‘‘a fast-paced, beautifully crafted story’’ (Dava Sobel), ‘‘the most gripping and brilliant popular-science history account that I have ever read’’ (Owen Gingerich), ‘‘the tale of intrepid astronomers, across time and cultures’’ (Neil Tyson), the ‘‘illuminat[ion of] the dawn of astrophysics’’ through biographical sketches of scientists who ‘‘blend a passion for their work with the more worldly passions of pride, jealousy, greed, and lust’’ (Bob Kirshner)? Without these blurbs, I might not have picked up Clark’s book. Having read it, I am pleased to add my less illustrious name to the recommenders’ list.

The heart and, for me, best part of Sun Kings is the interwoven stories of the lives of scientific contributors to our still-developing understanding of solar-terrestrial relations…”

The full review can be read here

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