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New Scientist issue 2646
I share the cover story on this week’s New Scientist.  My article explores the nature of dark matter, whilst Amanda Gefter’s companion piece explores the nature of dark energy.  Here’s the introduction to the two articles:


“As far as most of the universe is concerned, you're inconsequential. The everyday stuff that constitutes you and everything you care about makes up just 4 per cent of the cosmos; the rest we call dark matter and dark energy. What they actually are, though, is anyone's guess. Now we may be on the verge of enlightenment. In this article, we report how experiments are getting ready to identify dark matter, while on page 32 we consider why dark energy may be an illusion created by our place in space. Be prepared for a new cosmic order...”

And here is the introduction to my article:

“THIS YEAR, there's a good chance that a sizeable chunk of our universe will turn up. A fair bit of the cosmos - 22 per cent of it, in fact - seems to be made of invisible dark matter, whose extra gravity helps to bind stars together in galaxies, and galaxies together...”
The complete article is 2511 words long and is available here; a subscription is required.

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