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I have just been made aware that on 7 March, my latest book, Deep Space, was picked as ‘something for the weekend’ by Mark Thwaite, becoming the editor’s choice over at the book depository (, an on-line bookseller.

Mark says, “Deep Space is awe-inspiring – and by that I mean Deep Space the book is awe-inspiring!


Firstly, and not unlike real, actual space in this regard, Deep Space is big. Really big! The book's dimensions are 36.8 by 27.9 by 4.6cm. Take a moment to think about that and you'll realise this is a lovely chunky slab of a tome. And it needs to be: within are some of the most amazing photographs of deep space you'll ever see. … will delight anyone who has ever looked up at the stars at night and wondered what was up there.”


Read the full review here


They are selling the book at £15.29, almost a ten pounds discount and offering free delivery.  Check it out here:


The book depository also has my previous book The Sun Kings on a great deal: £9.26 and free delivery.  Check it out here:

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