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You may have noticed that few new stories have been posted recently.  This is because I have spent the majority of my time since the summer writing a new book.  This book is a departure for me, in that it is a work of fiction.  The story is based on the characters at the heart of a key turning point in the history of astronomy and it is the first in a trilogy of historical astronomical stories that I will be completing during the coming year. Working on this book has been a superb challenge and driven my writing in new directions.  With the first book now largely complete, I am looking forward to launching straight into the next book.


For those of you who prefer non-fiction, I have a new non-fiction picture book out on 5 February 2009.  It is called Galaxy and is a sister volume to Deep Space.  Both of these books are published by Quercus.  In Deep Space I dealt with the furthest objects in the Universe, the way in which the Universe came into being and the way it evolved into what it is today.  In Galaxy, I deal with ‘near space’ and detail the things that exist within our galaxy, and put our galaxy into its cosmic context.

Finally, I have also been approached to write another non-fiction book as well.  It is an exciting project and, if it goes ahead, will be mostly words rather than pretty pictures.  So, there is plenty to keep me busy.  Please visit the site regularly for updates.

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